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You know that bit in The Simpsons when Homer points out that he isn't strictly eating a pie if he just walks forward with his mouth open and there just happens to be a pie in front of him? Well that's basically Nintendo's E3 press conference and your assumptions. We already know that allthat third-party Wii U game footage came from the and PS3 versions. And that'sfairly understandable, given how far off the Wii U versions of those games are.

But what's a bit more damning, and rather potentially worrying in terms of that all-important non-Nintendo support going forward, is what Nintendo let you assume in termshow manythird-parties actually haveWii U games in the pipeline. Because it turns out that one of the most exciting developers who appeared at E3 vouching for the system is producing absolutely bugger all for it.

Above: Proof! Well, proof that Ken Levinehas appeared in a video and knowswhat the Wii U is, anyway. Ken Levine, he of beard and Bioshock, popped up on Nintendo's third-party reel at its E3 press conference. He seemed to love the Wii U. He was all excited and animated, and seriously pumped for the idea of headshotting the faces off things while his wife slept next to him, oblivious to his nocturnal violence.

Nintendo has got this third-party support thingsorted for the first time since the SNES" But it turns out that the second sentence in that little proclamation of vicarious triump is about as grounded in reality as a schizophrenic unicorn. Irrational games, you see, currentlyhas no plans to develop anything for the Wii U. Ken has admitted that. He's "not saying it can't happen", but absolutely nothing is on the go at the moment. I'd say that this means we can't assume that any of the developers in the video who didn't mention specific games are actually doing anything either, then.

You know who I'm talking aboutand Sega's Aliens: Colonial Marines very probably on the way, but Warren Spector is most certainly an unknown quantity. As are Vicarious Visions and 5th Cell, but to be honest I'm not too upset about perhaps not getting a new Spyro or Scribblenauts.

I've no doubt that the Wii U is going to get significantly more hardcore third-party support than the Wii, mind. Its vastly increased horsepower and proper controls will see to that. And much like the DS, it looks to be a Nintendo console whose gimmicks can really help in the development of worthwhile, exciting new forms of gameplay. Until I get a full launch-window line-up though, I think you'll forgive me for being a little bit nervous.

And that's ages off, so let's just cross everything in the meantime, shall we? Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.Like Like. I think I heard that Infinite will actually have the 1st game on it too but that may be only the PC version. I actually posed this question a while ago on a website due to footage in the interview.

Oh I hope this is true! I have been hoping this game would come to Wii U for a long time and or at least a port of the first one.

That would be epic! It would be a huge coup for Nintendo if this turns out to be true. But wont it be a little too late? Only a different team ported the game to PS3. Also, I love the frachise. Bioshock does not look like its coming for launch. But it will follow soon after that if its coming. I would laugh my ass off if it were for 3DS cause wed all get trolled then Vita owners would get a slap in the face.

Not likely… Ken Levine did say that he liked the Wii U a lot. Next: Please stop happying about the fact that Bioshock Infinite is going to have porn. Please shut up, okay?

Bioshock Creator Still Working on Weird Games

He said last year that Bioshock Infinite is not coming to the Wii U because it has been in development for a long time, and they would not want to make a simple port for Wii U. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

ken levine elogia wii u

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Skip to content Search for: Search Close. Close Menu. Share this! Like this: Like Loading Uh mah gad Like Like. I need to play Bioshock 1 and 2 Like Like.

The first game is amazing, the second is a shameless cash-in on the success of the first. Play the first, skip the second, and wait for Infinite. The ps3 version is the one with the first game on it not the PC version Like Like. Its actually only the ps3 version, because of all the extra space on the bluray disc- Like Like.

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Norm Epstein former general manager has turned to painting in his retirement and are we impressed! Sonny was a record promoter and Cher was a teen groupie chick who hung around a burger and malt joint near the KFWB studios!

He was a big part of their business these last 30 years!Not necessarily. The great open-world role-playing game Skyrim is not confirmed for the Switch. InNintendo first showed off the Wii, then code-named the Revolution.

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InNintendo showed off its then-upcoming Wii U console. Nintendo wanted people to know that the Wii U, unlike the Wii, would be getting a batch of games for hardcore gamers.

You know, games with guns and blood and such. The two companies seem excited to be working with each other. The only thing the Nintendo of America Twitter account even retweeted today was this:. Nintendo and Bethesda now working together is an important development, especially if Bethesda bring its beloved RPGs that can allow them to be played on the go.

Battery life willing, a portable Skyrim on Switch would be cool. A Ubisoft blog post reiterated the old news that Just Dance is coming to Switch but made no new announcements about other games. Everything you need to know about and expect during. The A. Stephen Totilo. Filed to: nintendo switch. HP Spectre x 2-in-1 Stephen Totilo Posts Email Twitter.

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[E3 2011] Wii U - Interview with Ken Levine

Good Morning. Mortal Dictata.Kenneth M. Levine born September 1, is an American game developer. Levine was born in Flushing, New York to a Jewish family. He studied drama at Vassar Collegegraduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama in[7] in Poughkeepsie, New York before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a film career, writing two screenplays.

Levine served as lead writer and designer, [12] and the game shipped in to critical acclaim. Although Tribes: VengeanceSWAT 4and Third Reich all shipped within a year of one another in andIrrational Games had been working in preproduction on the first-person shooter BioShockthe studio's most ambitious game at that point, since BioShock was a critical and commercial success, and is considered one of the best games of all time.

InLevine delivered the keynote address at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, discussing his youth as a nerd in the s and how it impacted the path of his career. Since the release of BioShockLevine served as creative director and lead writer on BioShock Infiniteset in in the floating city of Columbia.

BioShock Infinite was a critical and commercial success, winning over 80 awards pre-release. On February 18,Levine announced that Irrational Games would be closing down, with fifteen members of the staff to follow Levine to focus on digital only, narrative-driven games for Take-Two.

Levine's current project involves a concept of "Narrative Legos " that can be used to create an endlessly-replayable story-driven video game.

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On February 23,Irrational Games was rebranded as Ghost Story Gamesfounded by 12 of the former Irrational members with Levine remaining as president and creative director. Ken Levine has been a consultant and co-author of three books related to the BioShock franchise. Levine himself did not work on the majority of Rapture and Mind in Revoltbut provided the intellectual property and quotes used by the authors in the books.

ken levine elogia wii u

In JuneLevine had been confirmed to be writing the script for a new film version of the dystopian science fiction novel Logan's Run. In AprilLevine stated he was working with Interlude to write and produce the pilot episode for an interactive, live-action series based on The Twilight Zonewhich will be published by CBS. Ken Levine is most notable for his conceptualization and work on the BioShock franchise.

BioShock is set inwhere the player controls a man named Jack who is the sole survivor of a plane crash near a mysterious lighthouse in the mid-Atlantic. Jack finds a bathysphere and takes the submersible down to an underwater city called Rapture, a city that was dedicated to the pursuit of a perfect free market economy.

The city has fallen into ruin due to the city's social implosion and Jack must find a way to survive against the crazed inhabitants and escape. BioShock Infinite is set inwhere main protagonist Booker DeWitt must travel to Columbia, a flying city that has no fixed location and rescue a girl named Elizabeth and bring her back to New York.That faint, distant sound you hear?

That'll be the cheering of millions of fans who have just learned that TechRadar's weekly gaming column is back.


Yes, 7 Days in Gaming has disappeared and been replaced with the new name of - get ready for it - Week in Gaming. Well observed, but this is completely different. It's better, faster, stronger, game-ier. So it needed a completely new name to reflect that.

We might be getting pant-wettingly close to the launch of GTA 5 psst more screenshots over here but this week we heard rumblings of some other Rockstar franchises you might have forgotten about while you've been caught up in the Los Santos haze.

One of these was Bully. We're big fans of the sandbox school-em-up, so news that Take-Two Interactive has filed for a new Bully trademark left us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

ken levine elogia wii u

Then, during an earning call, Take-Two also dropped a subtle hint that we may not have seen the end of the Red Dead series. The company said it wants to create "permanent franchises" and explicitly named Red Dead as such an example.

We'd happily play a Red Dead every year for eternity - make it happen. If, like us, you were big fans of BioShock Infinite but felt your time in the clouds was all too fleeting, this was the week to dust off your disk or boot up from the home screen, because we can totally download stuff now and dig into some brand new DLC, called Clash in the Clouds.

But that wasn't even the best part. There are two more DLC adventures heading our way, one of which will whisk us back to the sullen depths of Rapture from the original BioShock title.

Burial at Sea will be a new adventure that places both Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth of Infinite fame back into the underwater dystopia, set before the fall of Rapture took place. No word of an exact release for this but we don't think we've ever been this excited about a piece of DLC before. In the meantime, why not go and read our interview with the father of BioShock, Ken Levine?

This week has been big on the yawn-inducing financials, but one of the more notable ones to make headlines was Nintendo's. Overall, Nintendo's results weren't as terrible as all the "Nintendo is over! However, with the Wii U having sold a meagerunits during the last quarter, Nintendo clearly has a bigger challenge on its hands with the console than a lot of us thought.

Sony also dished out its quarterly financials this week, and its PlayStation division isn't doing too fabulous right now in terms of sales with just 1. And heating up they are. So much so that Sony is imposing a UK-wide limit on orders for the console. So if you're hoping to get your PS4 on the day of arrival, best stop reading this and make a dash to your local games store.

Wait, do any of those still exist? Unless you're still umming and erring about pre-ordering a next gen console, of course, in which case we hope the news that Square Enix is already busy at work on its next-gen follow up to Tomb Raider will pique your interest. And if you're still undecided, you can check out our next-gen showdown, which took place on TechRadar this week. Current page: Page 1. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Page 1 of 2: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2.

Got it? Let's get going. Red Dead Returneth? See more Gaming news. Most Popular Most Shared.I saw you were in the video they rolled. Ken Levine: Just to be clear, there are no plans. There are things about it that, as a core gamer, really appeal to me, that have nothing to do with Fruit Ninja.

I have nothing against Fruit Ninja, I respect all kinds of games, I love all kinds of games, there are just certain kinds of things that are more suited to my taste. I like that a lot.

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That means a lot to me. On the airplane? But I want to have my cake and eat it too. I think these experiences are starting to allow that to happen. Like Like. Without change, the video game industry will become stale. Eventually graphics will meet a threshold and they can only go so far. It offers all the functions gamers are used to plus adds innovative features such as the touch screen and streaming.

I think this system will be revolutionary. You know how these guys have to specify just to avoid out-of-context speculation. Come next year, Bioshock will probably be an easy port for them. He only mentions Vita because both consoles have more enhanced gameplay, in terms of playing directly in your hands, than was previously available, and because that is the one you can play on an airplane. Finally somebody gets it, unfortunately the first few comments did not get it.

BTW Bioshock is far from a generic shooter! Why is this even news? It would help them expand their market. They Gould try to expand their games to other consoles to get more exposure and sales. I have no clue what buoshock is but willing to try if it comes on the Wii-U.

Jeez alot of negative, hateful comments here. Bioshock may be different but it still has to compete with those other games. A huge shame, but at the same time Nintendo really needs to build up the hardcore market for people like Levine to be confident. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Ken Levine (game developer)

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